incorporating photography and art into your bar cart

one thing i love to do before the weekend arrives is prep our bar cart with some fancy glasses, a snack and refresh the decor. it's a fun little spot in our living room that is easy to update and use for a small celebration (because trust me, we all deserve a celebration after a long work week). i decided to give some new pieces from framebridge a spin and incorporate some instagram photos into the cart. a little unexpected and i love the results mixed with calligraphy.

layer a larger, simpler print in the back and your art or photo in the front. garnish with a few cuttings from the yard and a fresh flower.

don't forget a quick snack and mini bowls for serving to complete the ultimate happy hour set up.

with a large collection of instagram shots begging to be printed and displayed somewhere other than my phone screen. i think that the bar cart is going to be my new last minute display for all of those and hopefully some new art pieces and custom calligraphy! what do you guys like to incorporate into your bar carts to change it up?

[ post in partnership with framebridge ]