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yesterday a post went live that i've been preparing for and really excited about for months! kaitlin of the school of styling asked if i would like to share a peek into my world working from home and answer a few questions on everything from where i started, how i got here and tips for preparing make the leap into running your own business. you can

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i asked


to come over and shoot my office as well as a few behind the scenes pictures of me creating and styling. she of course, killed it, i wish i could share every single one of the pictures she sent me. that would be a VERY long post though! so here are some of my favorites.

ikea has helped me look semi organized. the inside of those boxes is a different story.

i always have a little spot for fresh flowers! these beauties by

beautiful savage flowers


i needed more space for packing, cutting, drying, etc. so i picked up two ikea dressers and had a marble top cut to size. i love all of the storage and the large space to lay things out!

a small acrylic box frame keeps my desk semi-clean by holding journals, project details, envelopes, and other things i'm currently working with.

i'm so happy to finally have an organized and pretty office to spend my days in! i don't avoid it any more and have been so much better about putting things away at the end of the day to keep it this way. 

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the school of styling


all images by

tammy of dez + tam photography

all shelving/dressers/acrylic chair from


drapes and desk from


rug from

rugs usa

flowers by

beautiful savage flowers