cucumber, thyme + watermelon cocktail // recipes

my go to herbs that i usually mix into cocktails are basil and rosemary. basic, a crowd pleaser, mixes well with several flavors. but thyme, i'm going to have to add that one into rotation. it's really pretty to look at and has an amazing flavor. lately i've been loving the mix of savory and sweet, and this cocktail is the perfect mix of the two.




cucumber vodka

- watermelon juice

- lemonade

- fresh thyme

mix 1 1/2 parts of each in a shaker, add in 2 sprigs of thyme and shake with ice. double strain into a glass and garnish with a piece of watermelon and thyme.

this is a great cocktail to mix up a large batch of for your next party and set out for guests to serve themselves!

what do you guys think of the sweet + savory mix in cocktails?


skinnygirl vodka

coyne pr