guacamole for two // recipes

if you're like us, you'll be spending valentines day away from the crowds, fixed menus, and time limits on tables at restaurants. after trying the fancy dinner reservations, ryan and i have settled on grabbing some really great ingredients and cooking up our own meals on vday. add a bottle of wine and cupcakes and you have a recipe for the perfect night. since this year, valentines day is on the weekend, I'm sure we'll be lounging all day while i mix up some cocktails to pair with weekend worthy snacks. I tried out this guac for 2 and thought it might be perfect for those of you doing the same!


- 1 large avocado

- 1/4 of one onion

- 1 large tomato

- garlic powder

- cumin

- veggie chips

to make, chop tomatoes and finely chop your onion. scoop out your avocado on top of the chopped ingredients and add the garlic and cumin to taste. mash everything together, i use a whisk, and serve with your veggie chips!

i was making this recipe because i didn't want to make a huge batch of guac for myself, so it works great for that too if your craving something on a weekday but don't want to mix up a ton!

now that valentines day is on it's way, what is everyone planning? do you stay in or make reservations?