5 simple vday gifts for your guy // holidays

we don't usually do anything too crazy for valentines day. it seems sort of silly to stress over big presents when the day should really be to appreciate each other right?

like i mentioned yesterday

, we've been keeping it low key and are a-okay with that. but, a little something for your significant other can be a fun thing to pick out. keyword being little. i definitely know how hard it can be to find something for your guy, so i rounded up a few small gifts that i know my husband has enjoyed!

if he's into cocktails, there are lots of cool copper mugs to mix up your mules. or get an assortment of bitters to try out some new concoctions. this bottle opener is also a fun addition to the bar.

this notebook is perfect for those guys with a sense of humor. throw people off and set it on a conference table at a meeting;)

if your guy is into coffee, these mini stovetop espresso makers are so fun. we make espresso for latte's with this one.

do you do gifts on valentines day?

copper mugs






bottle opener


moka express