the 2015 word // now

well hey. it's been a while but i'm back. i took a lovely 2 weeks off to actually enjoy the holidays, get inspired and spend as much time as possible with friends + fam. i forgot to tell you i'd be away, and when i realized, i was already in full holiday vacation mode and couldn't bring myself to open my laptop! so hi, hope you guys enjoyed a little break too! i thought i would kick off 2015 with a glimpse into my word this year. NOW.

i was inspired by

mandy from waiting on martha

to do this. i have general goals, but i loved her idea of keeping one word in mind the entire year and living by it. i chose 'now' mostly because i am a serial procrastinator. i'm pretty fed up with apologizing to people because i am behind, stressing out over trying to fit days of work into one night, finding ideas i had long ago executed by other designers and bloggers on pinterest, staying in the same spot with my business instead of growing it, and just letting things in my life and our home just pile up. sound familiar?

so in 2015, i am vowing to do things now. that laundry piling up? do it now… shelf i've been wanting to de-clutter and organize? do it now… that new stamp i've been wanting to add to the shop? make it now. i'm not sure why i get stuck in the trap of doing things later. if you do things in the moment that you are inspired to do them or see the need for them to be done, it would lead to less stress when you have a stack of things to put away or a list of tasks to complete.

in general, i hope this leads to things just getting done. i am done saying there are all things things i am


to do, or


to do. sure, there is a time and a place for plans and lists. and i know i can't complete everything in a day. but hopefully this gets me just a little closer to all those to-do's i save up!

did you guys set resolutions or goals this year? do you have a 2015 word?