4 simple appetizers in wonton wrappers // recipes

a wise person once said, there should be more food selections served on a stick. they were right… no mess, no silverware and you can still hold a glass of wine in your free hand;) but i say, why aren't more foods rolled up in wonton wrappers? again, no mess and you can eat them one handed. so that just makes them perfect for parties. am i right? i experimented a bit, and news flash, you can kind of put anything you want in won ton wrappers, they go with everything! so this was really fun. here are some ideas to get you started, and maybe even save your behind if you are still searching for some simple appetizers to serve pre-christmas dinner.


savory #1

- prosciutto

- mozzarella

- basil

savory #2

- chorizo

- swiss cheese

- arugula

savory #3 (my favorite)

- chopped mushrooms

- chopped onions

- truffle cheese (i love you trader joes)

don't forget one for dessert!

- dark chocolate

- marshmallows

- sea salt

i used 

nasoya wonton wraps

. lay them out and have a small bowl of water handy. place a small amount of the ingredients on each wrapper (sans greens). you don't need a lot, and a lot won't fit, so go easy. try to keep the cheese and marshmallows in the center as they are going to melt and go for the edges. once you've rolled them, dip your finger in the water and dab on the corner to seal.

place on a baking sheet at bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

the s'more wraps took a bit less, about 7-8 minutes

tips! each combo varies, so be sure to keep an eye on them. i would pull them out one by one as they got crispy. that is your goal, to get a golden brown crispy shell. if the cheese starts to melt out, pull it of the pan, let it cool and snap it off. and finally for the s'mores version, once the marshmallows start to puff up take them out! otherwise you get a caramelized stringy mess all over the pan.

let cool just a few minutes, top with the basil and arugula accordingly and serve warm.

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