farm to table french // entertaining

i took french for 3 years in high school… but we know how that goes. i can barely remember how to say 'hello, my name is'. so i was pretty excited to see this book land in my mailbox. while i don't know when i'll be on a plane back to paris again, i know it is in my future and preparing is crucial;)

the book teaches quick phrases that would help you navigate a market, a restaurant, and even how to complain about your food… je voudrais parler au patron (i would like to speak to the owner!). it includes a few recipes to create authentic dishes and my favorite, a large section on cocktails. i'm excited to try out some of the beer cocktails and mix up a few of my own now.

this book was perfect for relaxing on a friday night with a glass of rose and is definitely a conversation starter for dinner parties. it's super easy to just pick up and open it up to a page, read for a sec and learn something new. so leave it out at your next get together and see what your friends learn!

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*book ℅ ulysses press for review