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december was a seriously fun month. we ended our hawaii trip at the beginning of it and dove straight into my favorite time of the year, christmas! i tried to mix in a little work as you can see, but i tried my best to get things done a take a little time off. it was really the first time since i quit my "day job" 3 years ago that i was able to do this, and it was magnificent. from hosting parties to giving our home a little refresh, i felt like i was finally enjoying the time disconnected from my laptop and spending quality time with loved ones. it was just what i needed to start off 2015 with a clear head and lots of motivation.

i mentioned

my word for 2015 here

, but i did make some itty bitty goals to focus on for the month of january.

  • put things away after you use them. this really goes with my word, NOW, you know, doing things when you should. i still have a lot of organizing to do to give things a home in our house, but so far i'm keeping what i have cleaned up, pretty dang clean. i love it! i hope this one sticks.
  • eating so that i feel better instead of to lose a few pounds. i have a lot of "stomach issues" and notice a huge difference when i cut certain things out and eat clean. i INDULGED, big time, over the holidays. so it's felt good to eat my veggies and cut back on the wine… at least during the week;)
  • answering emails faster. since a lot of my work is not on the computer, there are times i forget to log on and get back to people, for like several days (not good). so i'm trying to check in 2-3 times a day, and not read much in between that. what happens is i'll read them on my phone, have an answer in my head, but never actually type it out! i know how impatient i get when i am excited to work with someone on a project, so i have to remember that my customers are probably feeling the same way and need quicker feedback.

the end. what are your goals for january?

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