cranberry margaritas // cocktails

sometimes… you just gotta go out to the middle of the desert with your girl friends and make cocktails. so that's exactly what




and i did a few weeks ago. ok, it's not all we did, but it was definitely one of the highlights. cranberries always remind me of winter and the holidays, so incorporating them into one of my favorite summer drinks just seemed like the natural think to do in winter.

there are 2 ways you can mix this cocktail up, the right way, and the easy way (when you only have your hands and a glass for prep!)


- 1 1/2 oz. sauza blue silver 100% agave tequila

- 1/2 oz. orange liqueur

- 1 oz. cranberry puree (or just a mix of cran + orange juices!)

- sugar in the raw, cranberries and an orange for garnish

for puree:

- 1/2 cup oj (or 2 oranges)

- 1/2 cup sugar

- 4 oz. package of fresh cranberries

1. start by rimming your glass with the sugar, set aside.

2. make puree if you are going this route (or use your juice and skip this step) in a saucepan melt sugar in the oj over medium heat. add cranberries and cook for 10 min. then cool. blend once cool.

3. in a shaker, combine tequila, orange liqueur and puree or juice. shake with ice and pour in your sugar rimmed glass.

4. top with cranberries and a twist of an orange peel.

find a rock, relax, sip and enjoy.

what are you fave winter cocktails?

// all images except #3 by

tammy mendoza


* tequila c/o coyne pr and sauza for use in this post