old appetizer. new presentation // recipe

one of the recipes i mentioned when talking about my

trip to the villa del palmar loreto

was this tomato mozzarella appetizer. i had been preparing this for years, but never in this way. the way the hotel presented it was a bit different, they carefully took the skin of the tomato off before slicing and serving. it was actually really pretty, it almost looked like a peach! i'm not one to spend much time on things like that, so i took the easy route.

you'll need a tomato, a ball of fresh mozzarella, a few leaves of basil and pesto (bonus points if you make this fresh!). slice the tomato into 1/4" pieces and remove the stem from the top. toss the bottom 2 pieces of the tomato, this will keep it stable on the plate and from getting too high. then begin to alternate tomato and cheese slices. top with basil and drizzle with pesto.

serve on a small plate with a wedge pre-cut. have you guys ever seen this app presented in this way? this would be the perfect way to assemble a few before hand and serve at a dinner party. just drizzle the pesto right before you serve. easy.

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