passion tea infused champagne cocktail

most days, my drink of choice is water. i'm not a huge soda drinker. but sometimes in the afternoon the i just get bored and need something with a little flavor. i love the flavor of tazo passion tea and have started to experiment with it for different mid-day drinks like the sparkling tea i shared here. the other day i thought i would mix up a starbucks style passion tea lemonade and after finishing it, thought to myself, this would be PERFECT with some bubbles. so the passion tea champagne cocktail was born. enjoy.

all you'll need is some tazo passion tea, lemonade and champagne.
first, steep the tea in the lemonade for about an hour. i used about 8 oz. of lemonade for one bag of tea. this is the perfect serving size for 2!

add about 4 oz. of the tea infused lemonade, swap in your affordable champagne ;) and top it off.

the only way to enjoy it is to lounge outside in the sun.

next up is perfecting the large batch of this drink as it will be my go to for any and all upcoming summer get togethers that might appear on my calendar. it's just too good.

have you guys ever tried cocktails with tea? whats your favorite flavor?