one scarf. three ways (and not around your neck)

you'd agree with me if i said scarves were super fun to collect right? there are SO many options out there and typically, they are pretty inexpensive. problem for me though, i rarely wear them around my neck like normal people. maybe in the winter when it drops below 60… at night, but that's about it. so i decided to do something about that and come up with a few ways to use them otherwise.

wrap those beach waves up after a day of fun in the sun. i gathered the scarf at the center lengthwise, wrapped and tied once tightly.

use it for an impromptu picnic and nap.

or turn it into a bag (and THEN a picnic blanket once you reach your destination!). since my scarf was an infinity scarf it was already already a loop, so if you have a regular scarf, just tie the ends together first to create your "strap". then lay flat with the fold at the bottom, pull up the corners about halfway and tie together with both sides of the scarf to create a bag.

so what do you think? do you have any scarves that could use a vacation from the back of the closet?