palm frond cocktail stirrers // diy

earlier this year i shared a

baby shower design i created

. there were so many different details included, and some of them deserved a little more attention. specifically the cocktail stirrers i made. i figured with summer here and tropical inspired bashes at their all time high, now was the time to show you how you can recreate them for your own party!

you'll need a mini indoor palm, bamboo skewers cut to the length you'd like, scissors, glue gun, twine and floral tape. cut off a few palm fronds and use the floral tape  to attach the stem to the top of the skewer.

tie the end of a piece of twine around the middle of the tape, then wrap the twine around the top of the skewer covering the tape. tuck the end of the string in while you are wrapping so it is covered and secure. once you have covered the tape put a dot of glue on the back and secure the other end of the twine. trim the string once the glue has dried, then trim the palm stem to meet the bottom of the string.

garnish with fruit that goes with your signature cocktails or use plain to spruce up a simple drink.