customize your photos with a fabulous fete calligraphy

no. it's not my birthday friday. yes. i did have way too much fun playing with this new app i created some artwork for. have you guys heard of the

studio design app

? i met them at alt earlier this year, told them i would love to collaborate on a pack for their app, and voila, you can now download the app and my calligraphy for free to overlay on your photos! i played around with a few of my favorites to show you just a few ways you can use

the app


here's how it works. you can download the

free app here

, if you download and sign up today, you will automatically be following me.. yay! if not, you can search for my username: afabulousfete. you can download the calligraphy pack within the app to get access to all of these creations and many more that you can mix and match yourself. or, if you love one of these that i already created, just click "remix" and you can use the graphics/text and just add in your own picture!

i really wanted people to be able to create invitations with images. i thought it would be great to send friends quickly in a text, email, or even post on Facebook. there are also some fun quotes to showcase good times at your shin dig. but there are so many ways you can mix them up, you can really use them however you'd like.

click here to download the

studio design app

and let me know what you think of the calligraphy pack! if you want to leave your username here in the comments, i'd love to follow and see what designs you are creating as well. enjoy!