how to set up a simple scarf backdrop

so at this point, parties are pretty required to have a photo booth or at least a photo backdrop. and i'll be honest, it's usually the last thing on my mind when i'm throwing a party. at least to spend hours and hours and days and days building one. so, here is one of the easiest pieces of party decor i have ever set up. the scarf backdrop.

i set this one up outside in a shady spot so there was plenty of natural light, and plenty of space since we were using the side of the house. a little duct tape and 4 scarfs later i had an easy, breezy, perfect for spring, backdrop. put out some spring inspired props like glasses and floppy hats and you're set! was super helpful in making my idea come to life, they sent a few scarves to throw in the mix! check out their large and affordable line of scarves right here and pick up a few for your next party. the best part? you can wear them after!