erin's top 5 entertaining essentials

1. Cake Stands are one of my favorite ways to add interest and dimension to a party buffet - and not just for desserts.  The varying heights allow you to stagger and nestle party food allowing for more goodies within a small space. 

2. Confetti Tumblers are my own design and for good reason!  They’re tall and narrow and designed to be the perfect size for cocktail recipes, but also look clean and classic when sipping iced tea or lemonade as well.

3. I cannot live without cute cocktail napkins.  Handing one to a guest along with their drink just makes me feel like such a hostess and the added color or pattern will definitely pump up the drink area of any party. This is one of those things that I can’t pass up with shopping!  

4. Tiny little dip and tidbit bowls are another thing that I’m always drawn to.  If I have some surprise guests, filling colorful and fun little bowls with nuts, olives, candies or whatever I have on hand makes them feel like they were expected all along. 

5. A great cheese board to be used only for entertaining is a must!  I get out my biggest one and line up a variety of cheeses and meets or just stick to one BIG hunk of cheese surrounded by fruits and berries.  An elegant looking board makes anything on top of it seem indigent. 

Go say hi to Erin on her blog, House of Earnest, where she shares her insanely perfect home and entertaining style. She stole a tiny piece of my heart when we met and I found out she too, was lucky enough to move into her man's bachelor pad… hard work people. It's not easy to transform a house full of bad leather and stereo equipment into something you are proud to host parties in;)