sweet + salty crostini's // simple entertaining at home

small pieces of toasted or fried bread served with a topping as an appetizer.

i mean. can party food get any better or easier than that? no. crostini's are my go-to whenever we host a small get together. you can pretty much top bread with anything, sweet or salty, and have a no fail, delicious appetizer. my favorite to date is still this salmon crostini i brought home from mexico (the idea, not the actual food, duh). but this strawberry one is coming in a very very close second. read on and get the details to 2 of the easiest appetizers to make quickly for a party.

let's start with the sweet crostini. you'll need:
- thin slices of a french baguette
- butter
- sliced strawberries
- cool whip
- cinnamon

top the bread with a very thin slice of butter, followed by a few strawberry slices, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a drop of cool whip, and top off again with cinnamon. pop in the oven at 350 for a minute or 2, just long enough to warm and melt the butter.

next, the salty. you'll need:
- thin slices of a french baguette
- truffle oil
- a hard, mild cheese, whatever your fave is should work
- black truffle salt

drizzle a bit of the oil on top of the bread, top with a slice of cheese, and a sprinkle of the salt. pop in the oven again, just to warm and serve.

the best part about these is that you can prep everything the morning of your party, then it only takes you a few minutes to assemble right before your guests arrive. i do this often and then pop them in the oven as the first guest arrives. in a few minutes they are warm and ready to serve after friends have gotten their first cocktail!

what is your go to appetizer when entertaining?

images by tammy mendoza of dez + tam photography