rose syrup champagne cocktail

i think one of the first cocktails i ever learned to make was a champagne cocktail (i mean, besides the sprite and vodka i mixed up the night i turned 21, ick). ryan took me out to a little restaurant and i ordered the drink of the house, a champagne cocktail made with strawberry liquor and cointreau. so good. fyi, it's a bitch to find strawberry liquor.
they've always stuck with me. mostly because they are super easy, so they are the perfect cocktail to serve as your signature at a party. they usually only take one or two ingredients and are so easy for your guests to mix up themselves.
we have a crazy amount of rose bushes in our front yard, so one day i was googling recipes and things to use them in. a rose cocktail popped up and the rest is history. i vowed to shoot it for the blog the next day. the next day i came home from running some errands in the morning… and the gardener had showed up… and chopped off all of my perfectly bloomed, almost wilting, white roses. i almost dug through the trash can but figured more were on their way. so it's finally here! the rose cocktail i've literally sat at my window waiting for.

please DON'T make this with roses you bought at the grocery store. unless you can be sure that they are somehow organic and haven't been covered in pesticides… take a walk around your neighborhood instead. those are free and healthier for you (do this at night so you don't get pinned with the local crazy neighbor who steals peoples flowers award). once you have your roses, pop off the petals and wash thoroughly. then mix up a batch of simples syrup, 1 part water to 1 part sugar (i used 1 cup of each) and then about 1 cup of petals. mix them together in a saucepan and cook on low until the sugar dissolves and the rose petals are wilted. remove from heat and let cool, then strain into an airtight container.

pour about 1/2 oz. into the bottom of a glass and top with champagne. the simple syrup gives the champagne a sweet flavor, kind of like a prosecco (delish) and then you get just a hint of the rose flavor. i thought it was the perfect balance.

top with a rose petal and serve!

have you guys ever tried making anything with roses? i just read about using rose oil as a corrector for dark circles under your eyes… maybe that will be my next diy? it would be perfect for a girls spa day… use on your face and then in a cocktail? ha!