sara's top 5 entertaining essentials

I'm so flattered that Lauren asked me to share my top 5 entertaining essentials. I have been following her for quite some time and I just adore her style. We love entertaining and having our friends over for appetizers and drinks, or homemade pizza night. It was hard to narrow it down to just 5 entertaining essentials, but here they are.

Flowers, always flowers. My favorite are peonies.But I think this is a given. Here are my top 5 entertaining essentials I couldn't live without.
1. A marble board. You can use it as a tray to corral your wine, bubbly, and glasses, or as a cheese board.
2. This Pottery Barn glass pitcher. It's great for when you are hosting a large group and you want to pre-make a big batch of margaritas, a cocktail punch, or whatever signature drink you are serving to your guests. Always have an extra pitcher of your drink in the refrigerator in case you are running low.
3. I love these white platters from Crate and Barrel. Any appetizer looks great on a white background in my opinion, and again you can also use them to corral small bowls of dips, condiments, drink toppings for like a bloody mary bar or a Champagne cocktail bar.
4. Cocktail napkins. These from Anthropologie are great. I'm not opposed to using cute paper napkins, but I definitely feel like cloth cocktail napkins make an occasion look and feel more special.
5. Rustic wood boards. They give a party a more casual feel. I love mixing wood boards with some white platters or my marble board. 

Stop by Sara's fabulously chic and pretty blog A Dose of Pretty. Although i really just can't get enough of her instagram.