the shop is opening tomorrow!

the time has come my little friends (anyone ever seen the original alice in wonderland? get it? :)
the shop is opening tomorrow morning bright and early!
i am so so so excited. i keep telling my husband and then doing tiny jazz hands.
there's a small selection of some great entertaining pieces. great starter items for a gorgeous table or a newbie entertainer! and if you're a veteran of this stuff, i'm pretty sure you'll want to add all of it to your collection too. i already have some new goods in the works to add as well, because well, spring is here and i know you will all begin to prepare plans for brunches, bbq's and summer dinner parties! so check back often as i'll be adding pieces often!

i shared a little sneak peek over on Facebook yesterday (above) and offered up a sweet surprise. if you sign up for the shop's newsletter before i open the doors (so by tonight!) you'll receive something special in your inbox tomorrow morning. and if you are still wondering what the heck the shop is all about, i explained it here.

thank you all so much for your support here and hopefully over there at the shop! have a great thursday!