oh snap. january recap.

some snaps from january. there sure was a lot going on! with planning for the new year to prepping for our alt party (oh, and alt packing), i feel like there was such a fun mix of things to look back on in the old instagram feed. and looking back at my goals, i really stepped it up last month and tried to achieve them (compared to the usual.. write it down and forget about it 2 days later). i stopped waiting for the perfect moment to make things happen… a set of 6 new prints are on their way from the printer (finally! even though not ALL of the designs i wanted to have were ready to send), my shop is finally going live this week (by simply shooting things daily rather than choreographing a gigantic needless shoot i had in my head) and i added a little newsletter sign up! something i've been wanting to do forever… you can sign up here if you want the latest, fun exclusive content and shop deals straight to your inbox. i've been putting my crap away after i use it and feel like the house is staying a bit more tidy, which means so is my head. and my last goal was to practice more… this has been happening, especially with my calligraphy and watercolor, not as much as i want it to happen but it's progress!

[ images above: rack in the office for pretty coats. 2014 planning with a marg. rearranging our house again. gifts from sharon. coffee and proposal writing. weekend flowers. arranging flowers for the blog. practicing calligraphy with some quotes. stay wild neon sign we gave away at alt. mini arrangement for the kitchen. party decor prep + mimosas. coin purse i gave away ]

and this month, what i really want to focus on is "just starting". all those plans and ideas i make and write down and dream about, i'm going to get the ball rolling on all that i can handle. and if they don't work out, great, but at least i made an effort and stopped daydreaming about it all.
anyone else reflecting on goals they made last month? how's everyone doing?

[ images above: packing for alt. just start watercolor. new matisse booties. bill cosby quote. new necklaces. furbish dinner. alt photo booth. too legit print, available soon!. dinner outfit at alt. graffiti panel for our stay wild party. gorgeous flowers from alt. party installations happening. notebook diy. swag from alt. posing by my callig ]

[all images from my instagram feed, follow along here ]