the atelier x a fabulous fete // printable valentines

did february sneak up on you guys like it did me? with alt summit prep, then attending, then flying straight into vegas for a show, i definitely came back asking myself what day it was. luckily i had been working with melissa from the atelier on something fun to kick off this month. no slacking when you're working with another fabulous creative blogger, right? no. well.. one of the specific goals i made for this blog in the new year was to collaborate more. it's easy to come up with a project on your own and just do it as you always would. it's another thing to handoff half of the brainstorming to someone you admire. i think projects pretty much double in their awesomeness (for lack of a better word to use there) and even push you (me) to work harder and make something even cooler.
i was so excited when melissa agreed to work on the first one with me. so we chatted, sent ideas, and settled on featuring each of our own favorite skills in one printable for you..

melissa creates custom illustrations for her fantastic online paper shop while writing some of the most good looking posts i've ever set my eyes on, on her blog. it was really a no brainer that she was going to whip up a gorgeous lip print to line your valentines envelopes with and i would create a fun, not too lovey dovey, notecard.

we wanted to share the wealth with you and give you 2 downloadable files to use this valentines day. you can click on the links below and follow the instructions to create your own notecards and envelope liners! purchase or make your own 4-bar envelopes to fit both. enjoy!

[ illustrations by melissa noucas of the atelier // calligraphy by lauren saylor (me!) ]

enjoy! and be sure to stop by and say hello to melissa on her blog, in her shop, on twitter or instagram!