you are doing better than you think you are

you guys. were you wondering where i disappeared to? me too. i was expecting to come home from alt with a head full of inspiration… instead i got super sick the last night i was there and have been fighting it off since then. i also had to make a pit stop in vegas to help out at a trade show. i finally made it home tuesday and have basically wanted to sleep 20 hours out of the day. not a fun situation when you have to catch up from being gone for a week!
i think one more night of good sleep and i'll be good to go. but i wanted to check in and say hi before i do just that (7:30 bedtime might be a new record) and show you a few things that have been stuck on my mind.
i lettered a bunch of quotes for our mini party at alt (one of them above) and will be turning them into prints soon. it's super exciting that i am finally taking that step into prints that i have been talking about forever! i want to share a few pictures and things i learned at alt, but that will have to wait until i can think/focus long enough to write it.

i've also been bitten by the love day bug. i might be late to the game (as usual) for valentines day, but i have a few fun projects that will be making their appearance next week. i also noticed a fun trend in the images i've been liking over on instagram. valentines day with an edge. good, right?

[ flowers by @jessechamberlin // artwork wall by @creaturecomforts // shelf styling by @rekindledrentals // peonies by @laceandlikes ]

and pinterest has all kinds of fun stuff that i want to try this weekend...

[ flower up-do by oh joy // diy wallpaper by sf girl by bay ]

so is everyone vday planning yet or just focused on the super bowl? this is the one football game we watch in our house, and it's pretty much an excuse to make wings and drink mimosas. i'm sure i'll end up doing some crafting and watching the last few minutes so I can act like i know what everyone is talking about monday morning ;) enjoy your weekend!