palm leaf clutch // 5 days of diy

last on the list for this weeks diy gifts is a simple little (or maybe big!) clutch. i have so much of this leftover fabric in my closet and have envisioned turning it into a clutch, or a few, for myself and some friends. we have a vacation planned early next year to a tropical place with a couple of friends. i thought this would be the perfect gift for her to use in her carry on, to help organize her suitcase, and then use as a clutch for dinner on our trip! and yes, we'll totally be twinsies because i'm making one for myself. oh well.

to start, you'll need a piece of fabric, a molded (plastic) zipper, scissors and a sewing machine. the fabric should be 1" wider than your finished width and your finished height x 2 plus 1".

- start by laying your fabric face up and placing the right side of the zipper face down onto the left edge of fabric.
- sew as close as you can to the zipper… about 1/8" - 1/4" away is good
- unzip the zipper and sew the left side of the zipper down to the opposite end (face of zipper facing face of fabric)
- zip the zipper closed so the face of the fabric is on the inside and sew the side edges together on the opposite end of where the zipper begins
- open the zipper about halfway and sew up the other side
- flip the pouch inside out and you are almost there! the edges of the zipper on the inside of the bag will probably start to flip up. so take a needle and thread and make a stitch every inch or so to tack down the zipper tape to the inside of the bag.

i hope everyone was inspired to add a little diy to their holiday this year! enjoy your weekend and i'll be back next week to help you prepare for nye with lots of sparkle!