give and get // help a charity of your choice

at this time of year, it's easy to get caught up in the spending and making sure you've gotten just the right thing for everyone on your list. it's also easy to forget there are other people (or animals!) out there that you can help out just as easily. i try to keep the blog to crafty, sparkly and party related things and this isn't totally out there. i did just spend this week showing you how to give gifts right? well, i wanted to share this great company that is showing you another way to give… and even get a little back for yourself since they are working with such great brands.

causora's mission is to help raise funds for charities by rewarding donors (you!) with free vouchers form their network of merchants. when you donate to a cause through causora, you receive $20 in thank you rewards from their merchants for products and services for every $20 you donate! literally, a win win.

- niko enjoying our road trip to sedona over thanksgiving last month -

- portia warming seats for our wine and cheese night guests -

our pets are like our kids. they go and do just about everything (at least where they are allowed) with us. so seeing a charity like a forever home and rescue foundation on the list of causes had me hooked. if i can help give these animals a second chance by giving up a few starbucks runs this season, sign me up! there are so many causes on causora, i'm sure you will find something you are passionate about or can relate with. you can click below to get started and browse through charities as well as the merchants that they team with for your rewards!

this would also make a great gift for someone you are still picking your brain over. donate $20 in their name and also give them the rewards to redeem! do good while getting your last minute holiday shopping done. i hope you guys will give it a look and consider helping!

[ i want to thank causora for approaching me with the opportunity to share this. i was compensated for this post but will also be participating and giving back. all opinions and ideas are my own. ]

stop back by mid-morning too as i'll have the last craft of 5 days of diy!