holiday party favors and printables

sending guests away with a little something from your get togethers is always a nice gesture… but you may think party favors for a dinner party is a bit much. so here's an idea for using your centerpiece or leftover blooms as a take away for friends.

set up an area on a table or tray with a few items to wrap up mini bouquets. you'll need some paper (newsprint is perfect too, not to mention free!), twine, scissors, embellishments and tags (download at the end of this post!). at the end of the night (if you are using your centerpiece), place the flowers next to the supplies and ask guests to grab a few to take with them and enjoy in their own home.

i know that sometimes having flowers everywhere for a party can look great at the time, but be overkill the monday after. so this is the perfect solution to getting a few of them off your hands while presenting your guests with a fun favor. i created a few tags and a sign for you to use at your own bash. you can download them here. or, download this sheet of just the tags since you will only need one sign.

the flowers i used were from the bouqs, the site i introduced to you here. they are still going strong a week later which would make them perfect for this favor. they'll last long after your friends and family take them home! and there are still a few days to order and get in time for christmas or your holiday dinner parties!

to receive by Christmas (December 25th):  
Order Volcano Bouq by:  December 19, 2013
Order California Bouq by:  December 22, 2013
or to receive by New Years (December 31st/January 1st): 
Order Volcano Bouq by:   December 25, 2013
Order California Bouq by:  December 28, 2013

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[ this post was sponsored by the bouqs. all opinions and ideas are my own! ]