all natural lip scrub diy // 5 days of diy

every day this week i will be sharing easy gifts you can make yourself for those last few on your list! don't get me wrong, i absolutely love christmas shopping and finding the perfect gift for friends and family. but it is fun to add something homemade with a personal touch. am i right? let's get started with gift number one! you probably have everything you need right in your kitchen.

winter time usually means cold, dry weather. and you know what that leads to... chapped lips. yuck. so with 4 natural ingredients, you can gift a solution and help the ladies in your life get a party ready pucker! nothing looks worse than your fave lipstick on chapped lips.

2 teaspoons vegetable oil, 2 teaspoons honey, 2 tablespoons coarse sugar, 2 drops peppermint extract (optional) and jars. these ingredients are for 1 jar.

mix the liquid ingredients together (you can omit the peppermint, or replace with another flavor you like better) in your jar, then add in the sugar. mix well.
tie up with a tag and you're done!

i experimented with a few different recipes i found around the internet and came up with this winning combo. it's been tested and i can say it works great just after one use! remember to use a little lip balm afterwards to keep the moisture in. you can also add that tip onto the back of your tag:)
 - i read a few different things about storing. if your jar is air tight.. you should be good to go. or you can store in the fridge to be safe. just let it set at room temperature for a few minutes before using -

so what do you guys do? do you like to diy some gifts, do a mix of both, or are you a retail shopper all the way?