gold dipped jewelry trays // 5 days of diy gifts

i think i finally have my jewelry situation under control. no. i'm not talking about buying jewelry, i'm talking about storing, displaying and keeping it out of a giant knot. i started picking up a few small plates and bowls from the home decor section of my favorite stores and they have been life savers in keeping tabs on tiny rings and dainty necklaces. this is why i think they are the perfect gift for any girl in your life. read on for instructions to customizing your own!


glass, wood, or metal dishes, plates, bowls or mini trays (wood is from tj maxx, white is from home goods and the floral is vintage).

painters tape

gold spray paint

tape off the area you don't want gold, spray, unwrap and give!

i think every girl can use a little help in the organization department. make it pretty and it's that much more exciting to receive! i love the idea of using them to plan your outfits and accessories the day before. you can have a few and dedicate one for your daily outfits to save some time in the morning!