clay liquor bottle labels // 5 days of diy

do you have a friend that is constantly changing up their bar cart? or maybe they just obsessively label everything? well this one is for them.
i've always loved the chic metal labels that hang from expensive liquor bottles. but we usually hide our stuff in a cabinet. so… not worth the cost for me. but, we do have a fancy few out on the bar cart just for looks. so i thought some fun labels would be a nice touch and the perfect gift for the entertainer!

oven bake clay, mini letter stamps (in the dollar section at the craft stores!), a plastic straw, chain, butter knife and wax paper.

line up the mini stamps spelling out the liquor name and press firmly into a large circle of clay you've rolled out. i'd make a few practice passes to test the pressure. once you have a good impression, use the straw to make holes for the chain. then take your butter knife and cut a rectangle around your work. (do all of this on the wax paper to make is easy to transfer into the oven). finally, place your tags on a cookie sheet lined with more wax paper and cook according to directions on your clay.
remove and let cool. once the tags are cool, take a few inches of the chain, open both ends and attach to the holes you made with your straw.

make sure your holes are close enough to the edges so that you can get the chain link around the hole. you can see below my whiskey tag was a slight fail.. i ended up tying it with string which was still cute, but keep this in mind when cutting!

i think whiskey and vodka are pretty generic.. most bars have those as the basics so i think you'll be safe if you stick with these.