oreo cookie ball ornament recipe.

i'm always interested in learning new ways to keep the baking and cooking time down around the holidays. no one really likes to host a party and be stuck in the kitchen. when i was asked to partner up with oreo and add a little flair to their cookie ball (which is already no bake and 3 ingredients!), it was the perfect opportunity to practice up for upcoming dinner and cocktail parties. here is how i customized my oreo cookie ball with inspiration from one of my favorite ice creams as a kid, rocky road, and turned them into cute little edible ornaments!

- 36 oreos
- 1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese
- 16 oz. chocolate
- 1 cup chopped almonds
- 1 cup chopped marshmallows
- sprinkles

how to:
1. blend up your oreos until you have a bowl of crumbs
2. mix cream cheese with oreo crumbs
3. toss in the almonds and marshmallows and mix until distributed
4. roll into balls that are about an inch, place on a wax paper lined sheet/tray and pop in the freezer for about a half hour

5. thread a thick needle with some bakers twine and create the ornament hook buy pushing the needle from bottom to top and then back through about a 1/4" over
6. tie the ends in a knot on the bottom of the ball
7. trim ends and dip ball into melted chocolate (follow instructions on package for melting)
8. sprinkle with your topping of choice while chocolate is still hot

i found this great stand at ikea last year around this time. i couldn't find it this year, but spotted this on ebay.

you may just have to make a sign letting your guests know they are edible since they really do look like mini ornaments;)

i really love the crunch that the almonds added… and it made me feel a little better about eating all those oreos. here are some more fun ideas that you can use to fancy up your own cookie balls.
and if these weren't easy enough, they are the perfect treat to make the night before your bash. make and let them dry, then package up in the fridge overnight. all you have to do the next day is place them on their display!

what tips do you guys have for easy entertaining? i always love to hear what everyone else does to make parties easier on themselves:)

[this post was sponsored by oreo. all opinions and ideas were my own.]