adding sparkle to your basics // diy

one thing that is a must when entertaining is being comfortable. so going with dressed up basics is the perfect compromise. and with the recent comeback of embellished sweatshirts, i have been hoarding them in preparation. while picking up some basics at target, i found this cozy sweatshirt hanging all by itself and it was kind of begging for some sparkle. so it came home with me and got a little makeover.

to make your own, find a sweatshirt with plain cuffs that are at least 1 12/" - 2". pick up some rhinestones and E6000 at your local craft store. then bedazzle like you did back in elementary school.

i didn't come up with a pattern, i wanted a random look, but you could lay out your pattern beforehand.

i paired mine with some waxed denim and was ready to play hostess! and this glue is magic by the way. you won't have stones popping off into your casserole, i promise;)