where did the week go?

yesterday i thought it was tuesday. which means i thought i had 3 more full work days to get everything done. sometimes it's a good thing when you wake up and it's the weekend. and sometimes you wonder when you are going to get all that other stuff done on your to-do list. i'm still wondering when i'll get all that other stuff done. oh well, it'll happen next week right?!
maybe i lost track of time because there were other fun things going on that stole my attention. like halloween crafting, creating new prints (in watercolor!) for the shop, collecting knick-knacks for the office update, and receiving my j.crew sale purchases. ya, that's probably what happened.
i hope you are ready for the weekend! any fun plans? remember to make these delicious won tons (or nachos to-go as i like to call them) and enter the giveaway!