weekend planning + halloween projects

ready for the weekend? today doesn't feel like much a "work" day. sharon and i are meeting up for our regular 'let's get together and work on projects so we motivate each other and actually get them done' days. this usually means fun and lots of productivity. good stuff. for the rest of the weekend i have a few things lined up that i want to do. nothing that we need to do. always a sign of a good weekend.

halloween decorations have been staged and i have some fun diy projects lined up for around the house. can't wait for it to be festive up in here (and to cross off one of the goals on my monthly to-do!). if you need some inspiration, i rounded up a few of my past halloween projects to get you started. click on the links above to read each post.

i want to... make lots of pumpkin spice lattes. try a new form of lettering. totally in the mood for baking and want to try these sweet potato pie pastries. capture little moments around our home. inspired by kelly and her post this week. definitely make one of these boo signs for our entry.

what do you all have planned?