spice up your fall cocktails // favor diy

while i was playing around with some of the tablecloths chinet sent me for our party last weekend, i realized they were lined with plastic. right away i knew i had the perfect idea for incorporating them into our favors. since they were meant to hold moisture, i thought, why not give everyone a itsy bitsy herb to take home and plant themselves? ya, i could've just planted it right in the cup, but the where would i put the booze and recipe?

so i sewed up simple pouches using rectangles i cut from the tablecloth, plastic side in. i pulled apart a basil plant and put one stem in each little pouch. they were all tied with twine to keep the dirt secure and from getting all over the rest of the cup. i added in a mini bottle of liquor and a yummy martini recipe each person could use with their baby basil plant.

at the top i wrote "plant. grow. sip" in hopes that they would actually plant the thing before ripping it to shreds in the name of a cocktail ;)

i even watered the plant a bit with no problem. which has me thinking... what else can i do with this "water-resistant" paper?

thanks again to chinet for the party necessities!