striped halloween candlestick // diy

i've been seeing these candlesticks here and there while cruising the internet. of course i wanted them, and of course i said to myself, you can diy that. so i did. BUT, let me preface this diy by telling you that these are not to burn (so sad). trust me. i tried it and am lucky i didn't catch our ottoman on fire. paint doesn't like to burn. not even non-toxic, water based, craft paint. so if you are ok with letting them look pretty, read on;)

i started with some plain white candles from ikea, taped each one off with painters tape and then gave them 2 generous coats of black paint letting the first coat dry all the way before the second.

and that's it! remove the tape and you have yourself some inexpensive, expensive and fancy looking candles perfect for halloween decorating (or any decorating!) i love incorporating simple decor that can be passed off as halloween decor, but doesn't scream halloween with spiders and cobwebs.

are you decorating for halloween? are you into the creepy decor or something a little more subtle?