embroidery ring halloween decor // diy

ok, this is my creepy halloween limit. and it's so close that i can barely look at the spiders. i'm even considering taking them off. but, i figured, most people have a higher tolerance to this kind of stuff. so you can creep it up as much as you want. add more spiders, more cobwebs, etc. ;)

to make the base start with an embroidery ring and insert a piece of black chiffon (or something transparent). tighten it up and then take scissors to the fabric. rub the sharp edge to get runs and tears. then add your spiders (i tore mine off of those rings you buy in bulk for favors), spanish moss, any thing you want with a glue gun!

hang, and you are ready for halloween.

you can put whatever little pieces you want and customize to your liking. as long as you know how to use a glue gun, you are set.