washi tape feather place cards // diy

i've pinned these washi tape feathers a few times and wanted to make them reeeal bad.. but i needed a reason. i can't just craft something without intention of using it in some sort of party related.. something. the first thing that came to mind was adorning a simple place card. all you need is washi tape and some paper clips to get started!

unravel the paper clip and place on top of a piece of washi tape.

place another piece of tape on top matching up the side edges. trim the top and bottom to make the feather shape and start fringing.

after i went through and fringed both sides, i went back around and cut again to make some of the edges pointy and/or shorter. run your fingers over the edges to fluff.

i pierced to small holes with a needle and ran the end of the paper clip through to secure on the place card. once it was in i took some heavy duty scissors and trimmed the end of the paper clip to my desired length. embellish the cards with names after you have the feather inserted so you can play around with placement of the names.

set. serve. and entertain!