end of summer // party planning

party planning has officially begun. we've been chatting about hosting a small get together to celebrate the end of summer with some close friends and finally decided on a weekend this month. between traveling for work and play, this has been the first time we've both been around with free time to actually do it. so, after pinning and bookmarking inspiration this weekend, i thought i would share a little of my ideal end of summer bash.

my go to outfit for the past few weeks has been shorts, a comfy tee and some sort of button up with a pop of glam jewelry. i don't see any need to stop wearing it, so adding a pair of heels is probably what i'll do and just go with whats been my fave all summer. maybe i'll add a few extra details just so i don't look exactly the same as every other time we see our pals... i found these pins that will do the trick and a perfect etsy shop for simple layering necklaces. and, as usual, nails must be perfectly manicured for serving guests. i might just switch out my go to red for this deep purple. and lastly, if you've been watching the shenanigans from fashion week (pretty much impossible not to see if you are on instagram or pinterest) then you've seen the bright orange lip.. on lotsa gals, so maybe give this pretty color a try to brighten the deeper shades, what do you think?
don't forget to have a fab little notebook for planning, sketching and shopping list making. there are SO many i'd love to jot my ideas down in from this super etsy shop.

next, and my most favorite, we must set the table! these simple starter pieces would be the perfect base for adding in fun details below. that poncho is pure heaven and i'd want blankets exactly like it for each chair for after the sun goes down and the temp drops.

this flower arrangement.. i have no words. it's just perfect. stack unique details around it like a faux turtle shell, deep blue pineapple figurine and LOTS of white candles. quirky trays are always a must. how fun is it when guests begin to eat snacks you've prepared only to reveal a cool design? ok, maybe just fun for me. and as a finishing touch, make place cards with air plants for each setting. i have a thing for air plants and it's not going away anytime soon.

i can't wait to get a little more into planning and crafting up some simple decor for our gathering. after years of stressful party planning, i think i am going to keep it fairly simple this time. of course, i can never skip incorporating hand crafted details for any get together, but i'm going to focus on quality, not quantity (oh, and that includes zero cooking/baking... i'm leaving that to the professionals!). totally new concept, we'll see how it works out.

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