stock your hostess gift closet.

i don't know about you, but when fall and winter roll around that means lots more indoor dinner parties with close friends. i've mentioned before that we are the usual 'bring a bottle of wine to your dinner party' friends. it's just easy, let's be honest. but i really want to be those 'always find the most unique and generous gifts that i have to display all year round because they are so awesome' friends. don't we all? ;) here are a few of my recent and most favorite finds that i wouldn't mind being the gifter or the giftee of. wink wink.

home decor

the fox box is actually a jewelry box, but after checking out the pictures, i realized you can just take out the jewelry organizer and use as a trinket box. we all know everyone needs storage for their messes... in the kitchen, in the entryway, it's everywhere. i've been eyeing this box, like i check it out pretty much every day and put it in my cart then don't buy it. i might gift it to myself soon.
i've been on the hunt for cute little dishes and bowls to organize my jewelry. when i saw these animal coasters with a slight lip around the edge, i thought they could function as either what they were inteded for, or for my purpose as a dish. double duty hostess gifts are the best.
have you heard of serving papers? me neither. i think it's a fancy name for a placemat. and functionality made beautiful is always a plus. so give your hostess the gift of easy clean up with these papers. bonus points that you won't have to look at her oatmeal splattered plastic mats that her kids eat off of in the morning.
once again, let's hide that junk with these faceted jars.
i haven't met a gal that doesn't like a pretty notebook. some of us more than others. but these are such a great gift because they can be used in so many ways. for planning more dinner parties, making grocery lists, writing down inspiration, or just journaling. buy a few and wrap with a ribbon and cute pencil.
quirky glasses are such fun to serve cocktails in and make fun decor when they are out of use and sitting on the bar card. these vintage glasses on etsy might be the best find of all time. these are also in my cart. i don't know why i haven't pressed buy yet. if you do before me i might cry. and i might not be able to give them to a friend as a hostess gift. just sayin.
have you heard? leopard is a new neutral. so this leopard pillow will fit any of your friends home decor. promise.
you can't hide your ugly junk in this glass box, but you can hide your carefully curated junk in it. think cute notepads and pretty pencils for taking down messages or gorgeous baubles on the dresser in the bedroom.
everyone can use matches. and it's even better when they can leave them out by the candle and use the box as decor. pair this with your pals favorite scented candle for a complete gift.
eveyone has that moment when they need to send or bring a little note card, they are running around the house looking for something cute with 5 minutes until they have to leave the house (you're lying if this never happens to you). so give these notecards and they can stash them away for those little instances.
so, are you going to stick with a bottle of wine or go with one of these finds?

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