fig and truffle oil appetizer.


when we visited mexico in may i brought home multiple recipes, some i already shared with you (the pepino and this salmon appy), but i also have a few more in my back pocket. since the figs are literally breaking the branches on the tree in our yard, i thought it was time to share this yummy appetizer with you. here is what you will need:

truffle oil

- baguette, figs, crumbled goat cheese, arugula, and truffle oil.

heat your oven to 400 fahrenheit. line a cookie sheet with foil, slice the baguette into thin pieces, place on the cookie sheet, and apply a generous amount of truffle oil. the easiest way i found to do this without drowning the bread (and wasting lots of precious oil) was to pour a small bowl and use a brush. top with a few slices of fig and crumbles of goat cheese. pop in the oven for about 5 minutes.

olive oil brush

fig and goat cheese

once the bread starts to crisp up and the goat cheese begins to melt, you can pull them out and top with the arugula. serve warm.


this is one of those quick to prepare appetizers suited perfectly for a small dinner party. trust me when i tell you.. make about triple what you think people will eat. we had a few friends over to try these out and we went through 2 full cookie sheets lined with the fig topped apps. and the 4 of us could have probably downed even more. enjoy!