new project // office update

you guys. i am really excited about this. i am finally updating my office! it's pretty much been the same for the past 5 years since i made the room my office. i've changed the color 3 times and reaaranged once, but it's always been jam packed with junk and not the most inspirational place i could've set up for myself. and that's become a problem since i started working from home. i want to want to spend time in my office because it's beautiful and inspirational. currently i want to tear everything out of the shelves and simplify. and when i'm trying to work on new product for my etsy shop or a new post for the blog, that is all i can think about! upgrading the dumb office! so a lot of the time i use it as a storage place to keep the rest of the house organzied and bring what i need down into the kitchen and work there. that's over! i finally invested a little time and a little money to get things going on the office update. yesterday i gave in and bought a new desk, some curtains and a rug. they are most of the things that i needed as my base, everything else will be rearranged, pulled from my closet of accessories, or diy-ed. i can't wait for it all to get here! so, here is a little inspiration for my office update. I will also be sharing the progress either here or on instagram, so follow along!

i've always loved black and white. i thought i was following the trend a few years ago when i started using the color palette in small areas of our home, but many years later, it's still my fave. i think that my favorite part about it is that you can incorporate a small amount of another pop color and totally change the look. i think i am going to stick with a simple color palette of black, white, cream and gold, then add in natural elements like plants for a pop of green. i have plenty of ultra functional ikea storage on my hands. i love how they displayed dishes and such in the open displays above. if i could do the same for some of the props i use often for blog posts, it would be useful and a little like decor right?

one other thing i will just never get over is a little bit of rustic. i'm hoping to incoporate this a tiny bit so i can keep the "glam" part of the room under control (you know, the shiny gold finishes and potential chandelier!). contrast is key in most that i do, i think that some pretty wood stools with glittery pillows on top would look great on the other side of my desk.
and just like i want to keep my props out, it would be great to have a space to keep my backgrounds out that i shoot on (like the marble i used above with the ralph lauren catalogs). i purchased a white desk which will be perfect for some things, but when i want to change it out, having it accessible in just a few seconds would be heaven, so i'm planning ways to incorporate more desk level counter space that i could leave that out on. 
with these updates, i hope that ryan will have to pry me out of my office when he gets home from work;) and spending all that time in there will finally mean i can rationalize gorgeous flower arrangements. i always have them in the main living area, and always want them in the office, but feel bad not spending enough time around them. (just realized i might sound crazy saying i feel bad for my flowers, oh well).

so how do you stay inspired in your workspace? do you decorate your cubicle or did you set up a room of your favorite things in your home office?