easy invitation for last minute cocktail parties.

this weekend we are hosting a small gathering for some close friends to welcome the arrival of fall. usually i'll craft up a little invitation, but this year i went with the reliable text message and email. i just wanted to get the word out and let friends mark it on their calendars since i know how quickly we all book up these days! i thought it was lack of time that made me decide to send a boring email, and then i was hunting around my office one day and i spotted something. my trusty stamp collection. why didn't i use this?! this is exactly why i made this stamp in the first place, to quickly whip up an invitation with any paper you have lying around.

i went ahead and played pretend anyways to show you guys one easy way to use this fun stamp. i love these mini envelopes and biz cards from paper source, so i stamped the outside and wrote the details on the inside. 5 seconds, boom, done. you could stash this stamp and some cute, colorful construction paper at your desk at work and invite a few girlfriends out for an impromptu happy hour.. and in super cute fashion.

you can pick up the stamp here. i'm drawing up some fancy new ones so these will only be available for a little while longer. grab one while you can!

ps. i attempted to shoot this post on my manual setting. bad idea... i really like the automatic setting if i'm being honest. it's so much less work, and at this point, looks far better! sorry for the grain.. i'll switch that baby right back to auto for the my next post ;)