new paper goods shop + a giveaway.

in junior high and high school, note writing was my thing. i spent more time telling friends about my weekend and doodling hearts and flowers than actually paying attention in class. after i graduated, the note passing came to halt and i never really picked it back up in the more grown up form of greeting cards. for the holidays and maybe a birthday or two, i might run through the grocery store and grab a card on the way to an event. no matter how much i love paper, i could never seem to plan far enough ahead to be that girl who always picks the perfect card. so when deanna of paper-treats emailed me about checking out her greeting cards, of course i was in! now that i have them, i think back and wonder why i didn't just order a small collection before and have them on hand. now i am ready for any occasion, and you can be too by browsing through paper-treats and picking out your favorites. here are a few of mine.
(keep reading to the bottom for a giveaway!)

love this card to accompany a wedding gift. the simple illustrations are my favorite thing on all of the cards.

so this reminds me of one of my favorite shows (parks and rec anyone? treat yo-self!), good enough reason for me to be in my round up of favorites. but really, your birthday is the best day to stuff your face with fries and donuts and not feel bad about it. this card is the perfect illustration of just that.

and because we should all send more cards and handwritten notes, just because, here is a pretty little card for those occasions.

update: downloads of backgrounds are no longer available but you can purchase them here!

you can also enter to win your favorite card from the paper-treats shop! whether you are inspired to start a collection or already have one and want to add some of paper treats designs, i'm sure you'll find just what you're looking for in the shop.

all you have to do is visit paper-treats on etsy and pick out your favorite greeting card.
hop on over and follow paper-treats on facebook
then leave a comment on the paper-treats facebook page letting everyone know which your fave is!
a winner will be chosen from the paper treats facebook page on september 9th.
you will be contacted for your mailing address if you are chosen.

good luck!