a little late, but aloha!

well, well. just as i suspected packing and prepping for a week away from home and work got the best of me and i didn't get to everything i wanted to, specifically telling you guys i'll be basking in the sun until next weekend. but now that we are sitting here on our lanai (like literally right now) i'm ok with it. and all the stress was worth it. and you'll forgive me that i missed getting a super fun diy up yesterday, but that i will put up when i'm back, right? thought so. i do have 3 fabulous bloggers that kindly volunteered to entertain you while i'm gone next week though... so check back then to see what they thought up for you with a little late summer vaca inspiration.

speaking of not being able to get everything done before a vacation. how do you guys prep? whether it's for work, for your blog, or just for your home life.. do you have a formula that works now? i will say i started working my buns off after hours about 2 weeks ago. you know, trying to get projects done that i would usually wait until the due date got closer to work on, doing laundry like a boss, pulling out clothes i knew i wanted to take and def wouldn't be wearing until we were here, that kind of stuff. but even with a head start, a few things fell through the cracks. i think when i get home i'm going to figure out a system that works... or maybe just try and organize myself a little better:) would love to hear what works for you though!

have a fantastic holiday weekend, and if you want to follow along on our trip in kauai, you can check it out on instagram. aloha!

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