how often do you update // and a reminder.

hey guys! wanted to remind you that if you aren't following on bloglovin, or another reader (that isn't google reader), you have less than 3 weeks to make the switch! as of july 1st, they will be shutting it down.. and you don't want to miss out of anything over here on a fabulous fete right?!
i switched over to bloglovin recently and it is definitely my fave now. what do you guys use?

image above was a peek of some little packages i put together for meeting with new clients. i found it on my phone and it reminded me that i really need to do an update on my website. it's been a while since i've updated the portfolio section and i've definitely worked on plenty of projects that can be featured there. sometimes i get so wrapped up in sharing things here on the blog that i forget about updating other sites. if any of you have a separate site from your blog, how often do yo update? would love to hear if you have calendars or just do it randomly!