crafty and colorful bridal shower // for hayneedle.

as you may know, i've been working with hayneedle in designing styled parties using their large assortment of home goods. for the june edition, we decided on a bridal shower theme. here are some of the images that didn't make the cut. i wanted to show you all a close up of some of the diy details i added to the mix. you can head over to their blog to check out many more pictures and read about my inspiration and how to achieve the look on your own!

one of the projects i set up for the shower was a diy succulent wreath. i purchased lots of faux branches and succulents and prepared bags of supplies for each gal labeled with their names. to make your own, simply pre-cut the branches and stems and use floral wire to attach to a vine wreath. make sure they are all pointing in the same direction. continue to layer over each other until you have covered the entire front of the wreath. you can see the finished project here.

i also created some envelopes to hold notes of advice for the bride. to create the envelopes, i purchased a stack of floral papers from my local craft store, then used the templates from paper source to cut out each piece.

i designed a super simple notecard for the bride-to-be's guests to fill out. they were designed so that each girl could leave their advice, tuck in an envelope, then place in a keepsake box for the bride to take home and display. read more here about my idea on the box. and of course i have the printable for you in case you are planning your own bridal shower right now!

after i printed the notecards out, i filled in the hearts with a quick stroke of watercolor. it gave each one the tiny pop of interest that they needed!

there's so much more i didn't even share here, so please go check it out and let them know what you think! i'll also be sharing a few of the calligraphy details and each envelope combination later. stop by in you want your dose of floral patterns ;)