getting ready for summer entertaining.

summer in our home usually means lots of impromptu gatherings. we will have a planned dinner party or two. but most of our get togethers are planned saturday afternoon after we have all of our weekend chores done and are ready to relax. so it's always a good idea to have your entertaining goods ready and at hand. then you aren't scrambling as the door bell rings and guests start rolling in.
one of the things i always buy towards the end of the week are fresh flowers. this way they are open and blooming by the weekend but last through the beginning of the next week and add a cheerful touch to our home. they are one of the little things i make sure to indulge in weekly... i'll happily spend my extra cash on fresh blooms than a manicure. am i the only one?
i also love to keep a jar or bowl of some citrus fruit. when cocktail hour rolls around this insures we can whip up whatever we are in the mood for!
and besides the fresh goodies you might need to prep for weekly, there are also a few things you can invest in and have ready to go. if you are lucky enough to have a bar cart, that is the perfect place to stash your supplies. i recently got our first one and am so excited to deck it out! (will share soon).
a mix of mismatched new and vintage glasses are my favorite and let you add some of your personality. if you are more of the classic type, you can invest in a set of each type of cocktail glass in a timeless color and pattern. champagne coupes are great for lots of cocktails other than champagne too! add in some fancy cocktail napkins, appetizer plates and cool flatware displayed in a fabulous jar and you are set.

so what are you entertaining essentials? how do you keep them ready to go for guests?