bringing home mexico // cocktail recipe

pretty sure that every vacation we go on, i always end up coming home with a new favorite cocktail.

this time in mexico

, it was called the pepino. you'll need a cucumber, limes, vodka and sprite.

chop up the lime and cucumber and throw in a tall glass. i used about half a lime and an eighth of that giant cucumber. top with 1-2 oz. of vodka and muddle.

add lots of crushed ice and top of with a little sprite. and done!

i also picked up these fun little stirrers in tulum. they had a ton of different animals, fruits, etc as toppers, i decided to go with a summer theme though... well, except for the swan. i just had to have a swan! i'm pretty sure that blue guy is a seahorse, but it might be a unicorn/horse. not sure.. enjoy!