may day celebration.

may is here! can you believe it? mostly i'm in shock as our first anniversary is coming up in just 19 days. it really doesn't feel like a year ago we were getting married and relaxing in tahiti (can i go back pretty please?)
to get you in the spirit of may and spring or summer (depending on the crazy weather where you live), i'm sharing a few outtakes from a shoot i did for hayneedle. i created a small outdoor entertaining area to use as a snack and cocktail bar but still cozy enough to lounge around.

to put my diy touches on the table, i created details like driftwood signs and labels, flower topped skewers to use as utensils for the fruit and drink stirrers, and plenty of colorful garland!

you can read more about the tradition i took inspiration from to create these take away bouquet favors here.

this was a super fun and colorful shoot to design, plan and shoot. i think my favorite part was playing with all of the flowers though! one of my 2013 goals was to teach myself how to arrange flowers. since la is a bit of a drive, i tend to practice with grocery store finds. all of the flowers used in this shoot were from trader joes, i wouldn't have believed it if i didn't buy them.
do you celebrate may day or have any traditions?

you can check out all of the details, my inspiration and see many more pictures from the shoot here in the full post on hayneedle's blog.